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•The Seattle Times
•The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
•HealthQuest Magazine
•Goddess Wear
•CHEF - Comprehensive Health Education Foundation

Graphics: Logos, Icons and Brand Identity
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Proto Studio Mango Trax pPages

Illustrations: Editorial, Personal and Apparel
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To build a logo or brand, much of the energy is spent defining the strategy: discovering the specific unique qualities of the company and their target audience. Creating a visual expression of those qualities will then be most effective.

I work almost entirely digitally, in Illustrator and Fireworks, but try to avoid a 'computer' look.

For illustrations, I find inspiration in the human figure, especially in motion. I'm seeking a gestural quality more than exact representation.

New companies need an identity to establish their values and presence in the marketplace. Others may update their brand to better fit evolving goals.

Illustrations often depict symbolic, playful or otherwise unphotographable sides of life.

I started illustrating for newspaper feature sections. Later I freelanced for magazines and created a line of t-shirts from my illustrations.