An Interactive Course in basic Graphic design principles

written and designed by Christine

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About this course

I'm Christine Castigliano, a designer, writer and illustrator for over 20 years. After working for Time and other magazines, in movies, public television, newspapers, and advertising, I began teaching to share my skills with others. I enjoy helping people learn the tools of communicating well. I've taught computer graphics at college and elementary levels and presented corporate training seminars.

Why this course? There are a great many people today who practice design - and call themselves "web designers" - without
training in design. Many know their way around PhotoShop and other software, but do not understand the basic principles of design. Naive business owners may pay them, but so much of their work is simply not effective. Don't contribute to the noise! Learn to avoid their common pitfalls.

You will learn top trade secrets known to a select group of highly paid professionals :-> . Now, in the privacy of your own home, you can begin to master the underlying structure that good design is built on.

The course includes:


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