Part II: Content:
Words and Pictures

•Communication goals

• Finding creative solutions

• Visual elements

• TRY IT: 10 minute Concept
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Stretch your creative muscles with a quick brainstorming session.
Goal: to experiment with communication strategies and concepts.

  1. If you want to simulate a real creative team, find a friend or two to do this with you.

  2. Try creating a fake project to brainstorm. For example: client —Nike; audience—18-24 year-olds; goals—announce new athletic scholarship; media—poster.

  3. Spend a few minutes just throwing out ideas. Remember, it doesn't matter at this stage if the ideas are going to work. Just be open to all the possibilities. One of you should take notes and/or make sketches.

  4. After about seven or eight minutes, look over the ideas and choose the best. Try to avoid the ideas that make you groan. Perhaps they are too obvious because they have been done so many times. That doesn't mean that every idea has to be a novelty, goofy idea. Simple is good practice for ideas, too.

  5. Try to come up with a sample headline and a couple of ideas for images.

  6. Do the words and pictures help to support each other, to make them stronger? How would you go about refining the ideas?

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