Part IV: Putting it
all together

• Planning a
cohesive design
• Thumbnails
• Designing to a format
• Grids and systems
• Developing judgment
• TRY IT: 10 minute thumbnail
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What is a grid?

  • A system of non-printing lines that divides a page into evenly sized columns, margins and spaces. It may also include a baseline grid indicating the standard body text leading.

  • Grids may be printed on paper, made with guidelines in a layout application, or stored as a template.

  • Grids organize different content in relation to space it will occupy

Why bother?
  • Grids provide a formal, underlying structure, which is especially important for publications such as newspapers and magazines which sell advertising by the column inch

  • Used well, grids can provide continuity, unity and flow among pages or projects of similar content

  • However, if standard grids are adhered to slavishly, or are designed without allowance for variations within the pattern, they can result in boring, stilted layouts.

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Basic 2-column newsletter grid allows space for margins, gutters (space between columns) and a nameplate or logo across the top.